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Today's date: 16th May, 2016

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How Much Does it Cost?

Although like all purchases, cost is relative to value, advancements in technology have made a beautiful smile more affordable and more attainable than ever before. Hollywood smiles are no longer limited to Hollywood Stars.

It is difficult to provide estimations on the cost of dental procedures. In many cases a single item quotation may not be a true representation of your requirements. In order to achieve a certain result there is often a need to incorporate other procedures which albeit minor, could be the difference for an ideal result which meets your highest expectations. In many cases, and particularly for those of us who are very assertive, a comprehensive treatment plan and preliminary diagnostic measures are required. Such steps usually result in additional costs which cannot be ascertained without a full oral examination, and sometimes X-rays.

Please visit our clinic for a quotation to meet your dental needs. Whatever your budget, our clinicians can provide you with a treatment plan which meets your expectations. Take this small initial step for a leap into the world of cosmetic dentistry. Click here to leave your details for an appointment call-back service.

Typical Fees for Common Procedures
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With a combined experience of almost 50 years in comprehensive treatment planning our clinicians have the advantage of sharing their knowledge and opinions with each other for those patients who require it.

Since most cosmetic dentistry procedures also provide functional rehabilitation, they are often covered by Australian Health Funds. Dental health funds provide rebates for treatment depending not only on the fund itself, but also on the level of membership and the built-up equity with the fund. There are often annual limits for certain procedures. By providing us with your membership details, our staff can estimate, but in no way guarantee, the likely out-of-pocket expenses for your treatment.

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