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Today's date: 16th May, 2016

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One of the most commonly requested procedures today, also referred to as bleaching, tooth whitening is simple, effective and with few side effects producing a brighter smile.

There are a number of types of tooth whitening procedures. These are,

Non-Vital Bleaching
Used when a single tooth discolors following a root canal procedure, effectively whitening the grey effect of a root filling.

At-Home Bleaching
Special plastic foam-lined trays are made in the laboratory accurately fitting your own teeth. A Carbamide Peroxide bleaching gel is issued for self at-home application at a frequency of one hour per day, or overnight, for 14 days, or twice the frequency over 7 days.

In-Office Power Bleach
Using trays similar to those for At-home bleaching, a specialized bleaching solution is applied in the surgery for 30-45 minutes. This procedure requires dentist supervision. Following only 2 applications, the results are comparable to laser bleaching. Included in the fee for this procedure is an At-home Bleaching kit. The most commonly used system in our clinic with the most value.

Laser, or arc-light, bleaching
This procedure can produce dramatic instant results by using highly intensified light to activate the bleaching process. The procedure takes approximately one hour in-office.

Irrespective of the type of bleaching used the results are not completely predictable.

Key Benefits

  • Can be done at any age
  • Correct browny, motly & yellow stainins
  • Brighter smile

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